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Welcome to the luxury Boutique Bed & Breakfast Hotel
Coral Hill Bungalows and Cahuita Costa Rica

Joe and Chris from Coral Hill Bungalows

We are Joe & Chris Cannon

We have been living in Costa Rica since 2006 and operating our Bungalows since 2008. We love living in such a beautiful natural place with such a great abundance of peace and enjoyment. Our many years in hospitality at a very high level allows us to offer a unique and memorable experience for you while here in Cahuita with us. We left hectic professional lives to enjoy the sanctity and tranquility that the lifestyle in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica offers.

We love to share this experience and our knowledge of the area with our guests to help them better enjoy and appreciate their stay here.

Along with our wonderful dog “Rocky” we want to do all we can to enhance and solidify the type of vacation you would like to experience.

Together we have many years of experience in the deluxe, luxury vacation and holiday high end travel and hospitality industry. We work hard to make each guest’s experience a wonderful one they will never forget. Our attention to detail and our passion for the area and all it has to offer is one of the strong points that will make your vacation, getaway, honeymoon or holiday with us a unique experience.

Joe has a diverse and well rounded work history. He has spent many years working as a chef on Mega Yachts, those of 100’and more, creating gourmet cuisine for some of the worlds rich and famous. Some of which you can sample through your breakfasts when you stay the Luxury Coral Hill Bungalows. His many years as a corporate executive lends a professional and friendly environment to a Deluxe, luxury, diverse and rustic environment.

Chris has many years experience working on Mega Yachts as a head stewardess traveling the world and delivering the best in service available. Along with diverse experience in a wide variety of hospitality businesses…………. Her excellent client skills and a natural sense of attention to the fine details of the vacation /holiday experience and dedication shows in all she does. Her natural love of people and friendly ways brings a pleasant and comfortable feel to your vacation.

Together we take pride in the effort and in the unique details in our deluxe, luxurious Bungalows. They have been created of the finest local hard woods, by local craftsmen. We have overseen every detail of construction to ensure that it is of the highest quality in a rustic environment.. You can expect impeccably clean and neat accommodations, glittering shiny wood, flowers in your room and on your porch, plenty of hot water, soft fluffy towels, luxurious high quality bedding, four posted bamboo beds hand crafted along with hand crafted bamboo furniture and netting, beautiful art work, decorations and attention to detail. Along with what is probably the best breakfast and service on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

We live on our property, so we are there to ensure all is well. We have traveled all over Costa Rica and have experienced first hand most of what there is to do. We are here to help you make all of your arrangements for transportation, sightseeing and adventure. We do all we can to assist in making your vacation , holiday, honeymoon, romantic getaway, or weekend one that you will always remember kindly and with a smile.

Sit on your veranda or recline in your bed and listen to the waves crashing the beach, the birds sing, the frogs chirp and the monkey’s howl. Smell the sweet scents of the jungle, watch as the hummingbirds flit around you, see the hundreds of species of birds and beautiful flowers, and realize you are in paradise.

Joe, Chris and Rocky, want to welcome you to the natural and beautiful Cahuita in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and the luxury, deluxe Bed & Breakfast hotel we call Coral Hill Bungalows.

Our Staff

We have 2 people on staff who have been with us for many years. They are married and are familiar with all aspects of our operation and are dedicated to making it the best it can be.

Benjamin is a BriBri Indian and is very knowledgeable in regards to the flora and Fauna of Talamanca. He has created an all day unique and original tour to his village in the mountains where you are can see what a real village without the trappings of tourism is really like. You can meet the chief of all the BriBri tribes who is also the chief Shaman of all the BriBri shamans. Eat and taste the staple foods of the people and learn about the culture, plants, medicines and life that has changed little in hundreds of years.

Ligia came to us after meeting Benjamin and before they married. She is wonderful and hard working. He attention to detail and here enthusiasm is always there and show in all she does. We are very happy to have here and are thrilled they both are such a great addition to our experience here.

Call or Contact Us Oline to make a reservation to see some of our lovely flowers in full bloom and spend a fantastic vacation, holiday or getaway.