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Cahuita is a wonderful small village on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. It is home to the nations smallest national park and the only park to not charge an admission. The park is home to a multitude of wildlife and a 9 kilometer coastal trail and 3 kilometer long coral reef. The waters surrounding the park are the Caribbean Sea and so it is always warm and inviting and crystal clear.

Cahuita was founded by Jamaican turtle hunters over 150 years ago. The original settlement was in what is now the national park. The fishermen used the fresh water rivers and protected bay to plant a huge variety of fruits and vegetables that they brought from Jamaica. Which resulted in a variety of not only Caribbean plants, but Indonesian trees, flowers and fruits taken from Jamaica's botanical gardens.Much of the flora you see can be found in South East Asia.

The settlement was moved to it's present location when the government created the national park. The culture, music, food, people, language and weather differ greatly from the rest of Costa Rica, making it seem almost like another country.

The entire village is surrounded by ocean and has a variety of over 20 restaurants serving international cuisine and local Caribbean cuisine, which differs greatly from Costa Rica cuisine, being spicy and sweet. Commerce is arriving with a new bank, Pharmacy, Bus station and new businesses.

The families of the original inhabitants have a strong political and business presence in Cahuita which makes it unique for the rest of the coastal villages. This helps keep it in an original form and makes for a unique experience.

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