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Here in the Caribbean you find nature at it's finest. The large array of animals reptiles, birds and Flora are still plentiful. At this time there are no large developments, resorts, golf courses or other types of habitat destruction the local indigenous inhabitants are still plentiful and easily visible if you look hard enough and know where to look.  When you are visiting us you will be able to spot a plethora of birds, iguanas, agoutis , butterflies, lizards and frogs while sitting on you hammock.

  • OF the many bird species, It is easy to spot the national symbol the Toucan. They are plentiful and have a unique call which makes them easy to spot. Because there are so many flowers you will easily spot hummingbirds feeding all around you. When going from place to place they fly by so fast you barely see them only hear them buzzing by your ear.
  • Costa Rica has 51 species, and all are stunningly pretty. The fiery-throated hummingbird, which is most common on the Caribbean for example, is a glossy green, shimmering iridescent at close range, with dark blue tail, violet-blue chest, glittering coppery orange throat, and a brilliant blue crown set off by velvety black on the sides and back of the head. Some males take their exotic plumage one step further and are bedecked with long streamer tails and iridescent moustaches, beards, and visors.

You can be awoken anytime at night or early in the morning by the distant growl of the howler monkeys. Although small in stature they have a very loud and menacing howl. Early in the morning is the best time to spot the agoutis. Reddish mammals similar in size and shape to a rabbit without a tail and as our dog can attest, very fast. She has been trying to catch one for a couple of years now without any luck and we doubt very much that even though she is fast and a great hunter she ever will.
You will most likely be awoken in the morning by the Little Tinamou, a small flightless bird that prowls through the jungle in groups seeking seeds and insects. It is also reddish brown in color as are the squirrels which help them camouflage there movements.
At sunset, the entire jungle changes to bats, night birds, sloths, frogs and many other unique creatures. There are many species of bats that feed on seeds, nectar, insects and fruit. They are mostly harmless in that they do not want anything to do with you. Make sure you leave your doors closed so they don't become your room mates. They can become messy indoors.
There are many sweet smelling flowers and trees, right on our property that emit off terrific odors day and night, One of our favorites in the Regina Note.  A peach colored bell shaped flower that hangs from the bush upside down. It is about 12" long and blooms with the moon cycle. It gives off a very pleasant scent mostly at night . They are both beautiful and smell fantastic. On the property there are trees called Ylang-ylang. It smells just like Chanel #5 perfume and gives off a great scent day and night and especially in the spring when it flowers.  Contact s for more information. Allow us to assist in setting up your one of a kind vacation in Caribbean Costa Rica.


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