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Costa Rica Best Beaches

Costa Rica has 2 coasts, the Pacific and the Caribbean. While the Pacific boasts great surfing and many sandy beaches, it also boasts heavy development. Many of the once great beach communities and surfing paradises have become developers paradises. With the over building and focus on development of Condominiums, Housing communities, Golf Courses and Resorts, the beaches tend to get lost behind the development or limited in access and become polluted with waste. This overdevelopment and destruction of the natural environment, has rendered many of the best beaches on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica not so great anymore.

The best beaches in Costa Rica now can be found on the Caribbean coast. Some of the best beaches in Costa Rica are Playa Blanco (Blue Flag), Playa Negra (Blue Flag) and Playa Grande (Blue Flag) all in Cahuita. Then there is Playa Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Playa Uva and Playa Manzanillo to the south.

Beyond Manzanillo is the Gandoca wildlife preserve and another 5 kilometers of untouched sandy beaches.

These beaches are a great place to spend a romantic honeymoon vacation away from the usual crowds. The beaches are a great place to enjoy a quiet vacation. They are also a great place to experience a luxury Bungalow in both a romantic setting and a natural pristine beach.

Many more of Costa Rica’s best beaches are found throughout the entire Caribbean coast from Limon to Cahuita (42 kilometers). The area is covered with some of the best, pristine, natural beaches. There are just a few rocks, coral, or seaweed at these beaches. No buildings, developments, resorts or houses. Just sand and more sand. Along with the beaches north of Limon the entire coast is much as it has always been.

Turtle nesting is still common on the Caribbean’s best beaches. The water is always warm and the surfing is great from December to August. And almost all year at Salsa Brava at Playa Cocles south of Puerto Viejo.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the best beaches in Costa Rica is in the Cahuita National Park. Half the 8 kilometer park is white sand, the other half black sand. It also boasts a 3 kilometer coral reef just off the shore.

If you are looking for the best beaches in Costa Rica, a great honeymoon destination and a vacation in a luxury Bungalow just steps from one of the beast beaches in Costa Rica then come to the Caribbean and see some of the best beaches Costa Rica has to offer. Find your own secluded little spot. Always real, almost always empty of crowds and always a treat.

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