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Costa Rica Waterfall Day Tours
Waterfall Day Tours Volio Falls & Bribri Indian Reserve

The Volio Waterfall is located in the tropical rainforest of the Bribri Indian Reservation. The moderate hike through the forest has several river crossings and affords the opportunity to view many different species of flora and fauna including the beautiful heleconia flowers, poison dart frogs, howler monkeys, iguanas and toucans. Once you have arrived, a swim in the waterfall’s pool is refreshing.

The indigenous people of the Talamanca area are part of the Amazon Basin Indian cultures and heritage. The Bribri speak their native language, Bribri, and Spanish, wear western clothes, and participate in regional political and economic life, but they also maintain beliefs and customs of their ancestors.

The Talamanca-Bribri Reservation covers a large area of the interior Talamanca Mountains. Bribri people believe “Sibo” created all things on Earth, and that all things have supernatural guardians that permit human beings to kill wild animals and use forest products only as necessary for human subsistence. Through traditional agriculture, hunting, fishing, and use of forest products, the Bribri have maintained a respectful relationship with their natural environment. A visit to Rancho Grande, Volio waterfall and the KekoLdi Reserve is also included in this tour. At KekoLdi the Bribri are working to restore the threatened green iguana. You may also learn about medicinal plants & cures and organic agriculture or may acquire interesting handcrafts.


Required Gear: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, swim suit, towel, drinking water.

This is a half day tourand requires some hiking over river crossing and up a river. Please contact us for more information on Transportation, Lodging and meals. We are located in Cahuita and door to door transportation is readily available. We offer Luxury accommodations only 200 meters from Playa Negra. Horses are available only 100 meters from our door. We offer access to all of the adventures and activities in the area.

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