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A very POPULAR BEACH IN COSTA RICA is the beautiful white sandy beach at CAHUITA NATONAL PARK

Playa Cahuita, Beach Cahuita

The beach is over 1 kilometer long and has a variety of options for you to enjoy, from high waves for surfing, to completely flat and shallow waters for wading. Also a river basin that flows into the ocean with great cool water running down from the Talamanca Mountains.

Playa Cahuita, Beach Cahuita


The entire beach area is abutted by forest that has a hiking and biking path mostly along the shore, where you can see Howler Monkeys white face monkeys, Sloths, Iguanas, pink crabs and a huge variety of birds. Offshore a long reef at Cahuita Point that you can snorkel and see dozens of species of coral and reef fish. When you arrive a park ranger station is at the entrance along with showers and toilets. There is no admission, however, if you would like, they do accept donations to help with the upkeep of the park. The park is located at the south end of CAHUITA's main street so it is easy to find and affords many options for meals and drinks.


Playa Negra Costa Rica Cahuita


It I has black sand beach just 2 kilometers north of the Cahuita National Park. The sand is black from the breakdown of dark colored coral from the beach and reef that has been deposited by currents. Playa Negra has been acclaimed as one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Costa Rica and a great place for surfing. It also has some of the most beautiful sun rises you will see in Costa Rica. There are a couple of bars and restaurants right opposite the beach along with a few small hotels. Fortunately we are located only 100 meters from Playa Negra and enjoy it every day. Just one kilometer north of Playa Negra is one more POPULAR BEACH IN COSTA RICA. PLAYA GRANDE.

It is at more than two kilometers long and has no buildings or development of any sort abutting it. It is completely pristine. There is easy access to the beach just off Playa Negra Norte. There is a path that takes you to the south end of the beach and if you are up for the walk you can walk for many kilometers before the jungle and Tuba Creek stops you.

Come see us in Cahuita and enjoy our beautiful beaches, great afro Caribbean culture, great music, food and most of all the wonderful people who make Cahuita a must see destination.

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