Getting to Cahuita

Transportation options for travelling to Cahuita

There are several options for transportation to Coral Hill Bungalows.

 We are located 130 miles from San Jose. It is about a 4+ hour trip by car, bus or van service, depending on traffic and road construction.

Please  note that when planning you transportation to Cahuita, we do not accept check ins after 9:00 pm. If you are arriving in San Jose late in the afternoon or evening, we strongly recommend that you spend the night in San Jose.

1) Rent a car – The drive is  four+ hours. The roads are in good condition and fairly well signed.  We can give you our GPS coordinates for the car rental agency to put in the car’s GPS system.  The Waze app also works well in Costa Rica.    Feel free to contact us for GPS coordinates or specific driving directions to Coral Hill Bungalows

 *Car rental is also available in the nearby town of Puerto Viejo should you desire transportation during your stay with us.

2)  Private taxi – Picked up directly at the airport and brought to our front door. Please contact us for updated cost.

3)  Shuttle van service –  Interbus (, or Caribe shuttle ( offer twice daily service from San Jose to Cahuita  for  $52-55 per person each way. The ride, again, is about 4-5 hours.  They can be booked online directly and need at least a one day advance notice. Another company,,  offers a private van service anytime day or night. Please contact us for updated pricing.

**Interbus and Caribe shuttle cannot pick you up directly from the airport, due to restrictions from the taxi service.  Kind of like Uber and Lyft at other airports. It is a short cab ride to their off site meeting place at a nearby hotel/restaurant. They have had this arrangement for years.  They can, however, pick you up directly at any hotel in San Jose.         Please refer to their respective websites for up-to-date schedules and fees.**

4) Local bus – There is a direct non-stop bus from the Terminal Atlantico Norte /San Carlos in San Jose to Cahuita. The ride is also 4+ hours. They depart the San Jose terminal at 6am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. They sometimes are not air conditioned, but are fairly new. You would take a taxi from the airport to the bus terminal and another taxi from the Cahuita bus station to our property. We are 1 kilometer north of the bus station at Playa Negra.

5) Regional airline flight – Sansa Air ( is a regional airline that flies from the San Jose airport to the Limon airport which is only 30 minutes away from us.  A taxi can pick you up at the Limon airport and bring you to us.  *Please refer to their website for up-to-date schedules and fees.*